Andrew Savvas

Andrew Savvas, BSc, MSc Eng (Civil)

Partner and Director of Epoch Resources

Andrew Savvas is a director of Epoch Resources (Pty) Ltd, based in South Africa. Andrew has been working in the mining related sector since 1996 and has specialised in the field of mine residue disposal and environmental engineering.
Andrew has been involved in mine residue disposal and environmental engineering related projects in South Africa as well as Tanzania, Ghana, Lesotho, Namibia, Cyprus, Brazil and Australia.

  • Due diligences and technical reviews of mine residue disposal facilities.
  • Contract management of tailings dam, water dam construction projects.
  • Preparation and adjudication of commercial and technical tenders.
  • Design of hydraulic structures.
  • Catchment hydrological investigations.
  • Mine salt and water balance investigations.
  • Dam break and flow slide analyses.
  • Seepage, slope stability and settlement assessments.
  • Prevention and control of contamination of water from tailings dams, spoil piles and other mining related sources.
  • Tailings (mine residue) dam site selection, design, management and monitoring.
  • Geotechnical field investigations
  • Coordination and Compilation of Environmental Management Program Reports.
  • Construction supervision and project management.
  • Compilation of Codes of Practice (COP) for Mine Residue Deposits.