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Risk Assessment

Our risk assessments consider real-world data, possible exposure and the potential costs of recovery or other remedial action in the event of any incident.

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Epoch Resources specialises in understanding and quantifying risk and the potential costs of taking future remedial action. Our expert risk assessment service mitigates your exposure.

Why Risk Matters

Risk mitigation comes down to being forewarned. Typically, the most damaging consequences result from those risks that are not anticipated or identified in advance.

These are the kinds of risk that can carry enormous financial implications. By engaging Epoch Resources as your risk assessment partners, you can ensure that your mining enterprise is always forearmed, with risk mitigation strategies in place.

The essence of risk management lies in maximising the areas where we have some control over the outcome while minimising the areas where we have absolutely no control over the outcome.

The Importance of Risk Management

Mining is an inherently risky business, but unlike most other businesses, the risks do not end when operations cease. Rather, this may mark the start of the riskiest period for any mining business.

Risk management is not about future decisions, but rather about the future consequences of decisions that are taken now. Risk management is not inherently negative; rather, by allowing for the possibility of measured, known negative consequences, it allows your enterprise to focus on opportunities and growth.

At Epoch Resources, we have deep and wide-ranging experience in determining the risks which may lie in wait for your operation, whatever their nature. Once we have identified them, we can devise strategies to mitigate them successfully and sustainably.

Benefits of Risk Assessment

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