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Surface Water Management

Surface water is a key ecosystem component and requires careful management to avoid issues ranging from pollution to slope instability.

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The management of surface water is a key component in the successful resolution of mine residue challenges. We consult on probabilistic water and salt balance models, and technical aspects of water use licensing.

Surface Water Management

Water is a unique resource – if not properly managed, it can be destructive, and yet at the same time it is vulnerable to contamination.

Both scenarios can result in unplanned costs and liabilities, so it is vital to consider surface water management as a whole-project risk factor. At Epoch Resources, our expertise includes flood risk mitigation and making provision for geological changes due to droughts or climate change.

Surface water is an important dynamic in any mine residue management solution, and requires expert planning, design and implementation. Trust Epoch Resources to go with the flow.

Our recommendations are always based on thorough hydrological investigations, including understanding groundwater flows and rainfall inputs, as well as the presence of potential pollutants and their impact on downstream stakeholders and the immediate mine environment. Using data collected on site, we are able to build sophisticated models that ensure a successful outcome.

Why Water Matters

It is more accurate to think of water as a finite resource – and it is a resource for which demand from all sectors is increasing. This makes the management of water a more important responsibility than ever before. It is vital to not only avoid wastage of such a valuable resource but also to preserve the integrity of existing water resources.

Epoch Resources specialises in the protection and management of surface water in mining and post-mining contexts.

We conceptualise, develop and deliver complete project life-cycle solutions that deliver enhanced mine water management outcomes. These include factoring surface water management into both ongoing mine operations and mine closure protocols.

We see surface water management as both an exercise in risk management and benefitting from opportunities.

Our Surface Water Management Offering

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George Papageorgiou

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