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Due Diligence Investigations & Reviews

Epoch Resources conducts due diligence investigations and technical reviews of proposed and existing mine residue management solutions on behalf of clients.

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Due diligence investigations and independent third-party reviews to ensure optimal risk management through assessment of material facts and application of our abundant experience.

Due Diligence

Due diligence involves the quantifying and mitigation of risk – and in the case of mine residue, there are multiple risk factors to be considered. These include the danger of reputational damage in the event of a pollution or contamination incident, and potential class action lawsuits and the erosion of the social compact.

Epoch Resources are well placed, by virtue of our extensive experience in the design and management of mine residue disposal facilities, across a range of commodities and geographical locations, to complete due diligence investigations and third party reviews on such facilities, be they existing or proposed.

Our focus on such assignments is the assessment and mitigation of risks as well as in identification of opportunities.

Our reviews and investigations are founded in detailed understanding of the engineering issues as well as the rapidly evolving regulation of the design, construction, operation and management of mine residue deposits.

Our strategic approach offers the enduring peace of mind that comes with knowing that all angles have been covered, and that no stone has been left unturned. Thorough due diligence investigations allow you to give credible assurances to stakeholders and demonstrate your commitment to transparency and accountability.

Our Solutions

We begin by assembling all available material facts and allocating weighting to them depending on the specific project objectives.

With due diligence now having a direct impact on your financial reporting obligations, the range of factors to be considered in each case has grown exponentially.

Our combined expertise and experience allow us to leverage a track record of successful investigations, in which we have been able to manage risk for our clients.

This includes assigning probabilities (and potential cost exposures) to possible outcomes, and to rank them using probability analysis and stochastic distribution patterns.   

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George Papageorgiou

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Andrew Savvas

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