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Mine Residue Disposal

Epoch Resources offers design services and operational supervision of the technical aspects of mine residue disposal, including long-term safety and ecological sustainability.

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Mine residue disposal can involve long-term risks of environmental damage. Our tailor-made solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of each location, now and into the future.

Mine Residue Challenges

With expert consultation services from Epoch Resources, your mine residue need not be a source of stress and risk.

All mining operations generate residue. While the nature and volume of mine residue may vary between mines, it remains a major cost centre and also an issue on which the industry is being increasingly held to account by regulators and the public.

Mine residue disposal can involve long-term risks of environmental damage. This makes it imperative to adequately plan for, transport, store and manage all your mine residue.

In the ever-changing environment of mine residue disposal compliance with localised and global tailings standards, Epoch strives to stay ahead of the curve and provide innovative and compliant residue management solutions of each location, now and into the future.

Mine Residue Management

Correct mine residue management demands an exact understanding of the type and quantities of residue being generated, any inherent risk, and storage and management capacities.

Epoch Resources specialises in project management for the construction and operation of bulk materials handling facilities.

We have years of experience in conceptualising, designing and assessing the feasibility of mineral residue deposits designed to last for decades, and contribute to rather than detract from their surroundings.

Our strategic approach includes considering every aspect of mine residue management, including site selection (based on geological and seismic data); seepage and slope stability calculations; water and salt balance calculations; and consideration of the logistical challenges of materials transport and in-filling.

International Standards

Taking all available data into account, we begin by designing and stress-testing bespoke solutions for your specific mine residue management requirements.

This includes full environmental liability and risk assessments as well as the development and implementation of environmental management systems to ISO 14001 standards.

ISO 14001 relates to environmental management, and aids mining enterprises in minimising any adverse environmental changes caused by their operations and achieving 100% compliance with applicable legislation and regulations. ISO 14001 is a quality standard that focuses on processes (such as mine residue management) rather than products.

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